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 TERMS AND CONDITIONS    Please read carefully before making a booking.

Holiday bookings are from 1300hrs on the day of arrival to 0930hrs on the day of departure.

Please arrive between 1200 and 1500, if you are going to be late please telephone us to obtain the door code.

Winter lets are available for a minimum of 6 weeks, maximum of 10 weeks [Maximum two persons. No Children]]

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DEPOSIT. Please send a deposit of £70  - £100 per week, £50 for a mini break, to guarantee your booking.

A deposit is a must to confirm your booking. You may pay by Credit or Debit Card over the  telephone or Internet.

If you do not pay a deposit your booking will be cancelled after five days. Deposits are non-refundable.

BALANCE of the holiday should be paid 30 days before arrival by cheque; or 20 days  before arrival by Credit Card

or by cash on arrival. Credit Cards Fee may be payable on arrival at 2%: Cheque payment are not accepted on arrival - sorry.

PRICES are set-fixed at the time of paying a deposit, and non-negotiable, adjustable, thereafter.

Note - special offers may lapse between time of booking and paying your deposit.

Previous customers are entitled to a 10% discount off the weekly tariff  excluding special discounted prices & last minute offers prices & mini-breaks.

Group Discount - 12% off, for 2 or more flats subject to payment of £150 deposit per flat on booking.

Only one discount may be claimed per booking.. Mini breaks do not qualify for a discount.

Booking fees, credit card fees and linen charges are non-refundable

ELECTRICITY is by a £1 slot meter. The meter is in the airing cupboard, in the hall. The shower is an electric shower

over the bath, please test the water by hand before use and please use a bath mat. Warning tap water can get very hot

FEES A Booking Fee will be charged on all bookings as shown in the tariff.

Credit Card payments  may be subject to a fee not exceeding £20. 

All Fees and deposits are not refundable.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE is strongly advised you arrange your own insurance for your protection  - see cancellation charges below.

LINEN.  Duvets, sheets, pillow cases, & towels packs are available for hire. Pre booking is essential. Sorry we do not make up beds

Children are permitted at all times. Due to the height of the open balconies, and potential danger from a fall  the owners do not recommend Children in accommodation above the ground floor, such bookings will be the Parents/guardians responsibility for the safety of these children.

CAR PARKING. One free car space per apartment is available. Additional parking may be obtained in the multi-storey car park close by.

Cars must display a Devoncourt Permit. Unauthorised cars will be charged by registration number £30 per day.

GUESTS and friends wishing to stay overnight can be accommodated provided the capacity of the flat in not exceeded,

in which case a charge of £20 per person per night will be made. If the number of guests is reduced no refund will be made.

SUB LET. Accommodation cannot be sub let at any time. Holidays can only be booked through Devoncourt Holidays.

Only the persons listed on this booking form may occupy the accommodation over-night.          

Sorry no barbecues due to the high fire risk.

Wi-Fi. connection is available in most apartments - bedroom, subject to demand,. The downloading of videos, films, obscene, x rated material, pornographic, immoral,  illegal or bullying activities or abusive material is not permitted. Management may withdraw this facility at any time or may charge for this service.,

RE LET. The company reserves the right to re let accommodation not occupied within 12 hours of  the approximate arrival time,  i.e. 1300 on a Saturday -  full payment will still be required.

RESPONSIBILITY The company, or its agents or cannot be held responsible for any theft and/or loss or damage to any property, vehicles, cycles, marine equipment, clothing, money  or personal possessions, jewellery, computer or communication equipment etc., or  any injury to any person or pets, visiting, delivering or staying in Devoncoast/Devoncourt Managed Properties, no matter how caused.

The company or its agents have the right to evict anyone causing a nuisance, excessive notice, barking or dirty dogs,  etc., and/or for non payment of rent, or any other reason, or cause, at any time.

The company or its agents have the right to enter any  flat for maintenance or inspection or for Health & Safety or nuisance, without notice or warning at anytime.

CHANGES.  The Company reserves the right to change a flat, reallocate accommodation, from that booked, or to cancel a booking, at any time, withour notice

 for whatever reason whatsoever.  In the case of cancellation by the company, liability will be restricted to a refund of all monies paid to Devoncoast/Devoncourt.

Refunds of money paid will normally be made the same way that the company received the money from the customer

The company also reserves the right to amend its tariff at any time. Accommodation can only be booked-let through Devoncoast/Devoncourt.

The company reserves the right to withdraw any offers or discounts at any time.

The company will not be held responsible ofor any booking, flat condition, or fit for purpose of any accommodation booked with a agency or other person.

Such booking are in breach of this companies rules and regulations.

CANCELLATION. By making a booking with Devoncoast/Devoncourt, verbal or written, you have entered into a legal contract for the use of a flat, and you have to pay for the flat even if you cannot use the accommodation, as we have held it for your use preventing us from accepting another booking..

Should you wish to cancel your holiday, despite our legal right to demand full payment the following Cancellation Charges will apply. 

CANCELLATION FEES. Cancellation more than 72 days before start of Holiday - fee charged deposit paid.:  46 -  71 days before start of Holiday - fee charged £120. :

30 -  45 days before start of Holiday - fee charged is £150.: 15 -  29 days before start of Holiday - fee charged  is £200:

0 - 14 days before start of Holiday – cancellation fee charged is the full cost of the holiday, discount will be disallowed.


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ELECTRICITY           The Meter is in the airing cupboard it will take £1 coins only

HOT WATER              The switch for the immersion heater is in the airing cupboard, on the side wall.

                                    Care the water can get very hot  - test before use.

REFRIGERATOR      The on off switch and temperature control is to the right of the ice box.

                                    An isolation switch can be found in the cupboard along side the fridge.

SHOWER                   Please do not operate the shower and the cooker at the same time. Always test the

                                   water temperature before entering the shower by hand. Care the temperature can get

                                   very hot,  especially if you flush the WC or turn on another tap in your flat. Use a bath mat.

RUBBISH                   Please put all rubbish in the red skips in the car park.

                                    Please flatten all plastic bottles and card board boxes.

DOGS                         Please do not allow your dog to foul the car park, adjoining walk

                                        ways, lawn, or porch.  Please ensure that your dog is kept on a lead at all times.

    BALCONIES              Do not lean over the balconies or climb on the balcony rails, is it dangerous.

                                        Do not store anything, or hang towels or washing on the balcony.

    CLEANING                We trust that the flat was clean and comfortable on your arrival. This flat is

                                   a self catering establishment. Would you please therefore leave the flat clean.

VACUUM CLEANER  is available for your use on each top landing.

BREAKAGES             Should you accidentally break or damage any of the articles or property in

                                    the flat, please report the damage or breakage, and replace or repair as

                                    necessary. Should we find anything missing or damaged after your departure

                                    you will be billed for the repair or replacement

NOISE                        Please reduce the volume of your T.V and radio equipment between the

                                    hours of 2300 and 0800. Children must not play on the stairs.

SEAGULLS                Please do not feed the Seagulls. They can be cause nasty injuries and mess

LAUNDERETTE        A washing machine and dryer are available for your use, below the stairs.

                                    An Ironing board and iron can be found in the cupboard adjoining flat 8.

WASHING                  Please do not hang your washing on the balcony. It will spoil other

                                    people’s holiday photographs for year and years.

                                    The washing line is in the top car park & a washer-dryer is on the ground floor

CAR PARKING          There is only one car parking space available per flat. Please park

                                    within the white lines, and display your permit. Wheel Clamping is active

TELEPHONE            To call the caretaker telephone emergency 07802 403289

SMOKING                 Smoking is not permitted in the apartment  or stairways or car park..

                                    For fire safety reasons we cannot allow bar-b-q’s on the premises

FIRE                          If you discover a fire,   SHOUT FIRE   WARN EVERYONE     DIAL 999

                                   FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE AVAILABLE on each landing.  

                                   Emergency Contact    07802 403289.

Please do not remove the batteries from the Smoke Detectors -TEST IT EVERY DAY