office 01803 853748
Devon Coast SeaView Holiday Apartments        24hrs 07802 403289


Arrival Information

Upon arrival please park in one of our three car parks*. 

You should enter the Main Front Door to the left of the building  - this is also access to reception,

and your flat if it is numbered 1, 8, 15, 22, 23.

Access to the other flats is via the three staircases at the rear of the building.

 KEYS to Apartments

 Keys may be obtained from reception upon payment of your account

 Please use the key safe if reception is closed. your KEY SAFE CODE IS ON YOUR INVOICE




IMG_2328The key safe is located to the side of the front door of your apartment.



A cover hides the numbered dials.

Slide the waterproof cover down to access the four digit combination dials.


Enter your code number                        

 by rotating each wheel until your code is lined up on all four digits in a straight line then depress the black lever to open the safe..



Remove your key and open your flat door.

Replace your key after use.

At the end of your stay your key must be replaced in the safe and the safe locked. 0000

A charge of £45 will be made for missing keys.

Should you experience any difficulties on arrival please telephone 07802 403289 for assistance..

Electricity Meter takes one pound coins and is situated in the Airing Cupboard. Insert the £1 coin and turn the round knob to drop the coin and activate supply.

Refrigerator control is inside the fridge, upper right.


Wifi  the pass key - code is  :- devoncourt

N B . *Please display our car park disc when parking your car in Devoncourt’s Car Park. We only have one free car parking space per flat. Cars without a disc will be clamped and charged £50pd.